Sunday, July 1, 2012

What Ive been up to

In my time I have been playing a mixture between Wizard 101 and Xbox 360. In Wizard 101 I have been farming bosses for loot and then auctioning it off to get money and not much else. On the Xbox 360 I have been playing a lot of Halo and Resident Evil 5 but since those games are rated with an M rating I wont be talking about that :). But speaking of games that aren't Wizard 101 have you seen Kid Icarus Uprising on the 3DS? I beat that game a while ago and havent been playing much of it. Maybe Ill give that game another go (it is summer so I do have the time)
Anyways Ill leave you guys with a song like normal and will update you with what I'm up to when I have something to talk about

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